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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some school topics not covered in Kumon?

Kumon is not meant to replicate topic-by-topic your child's school curriculum. It is designed to develop a strong command of core skills, which are mathematics and reading, that can be applied in subject after subject. Kumon harnesses a streamlined, fundamentals-focused approach to helping students become better learners and ultimately succeed with challenging material at the high school level. Rather than simply tutoring your child on a specific concept, we focus on ensuring that your child has a strong foundation in mathematics and reading.

How long will it take my child to catch up to grade level?

There is more to Kumon than catching up. Kumon's aims are different from tutoring programmes that may provide a short-term boost in your child's performance. Kumon helps make children better learners with the skills to succeed on their own throughout school. Kumon is fine-tuned to each student's individual ability; no child advances too quickly or too slowly. It takes exactly as long as needed to bring a child up to grade level with a full grasp of the material to date and a rock-solid foundation for further advancement.

Why isn't my child progressing faster with Kumon?

Kumon students who hit their stride with the programme may advance a grade-and-a-half or more with each school grade. Be sure to monitor your child's Kumon study at home, stay abreast of his progress at the centre, and encourage your child to work closely with the Kumon instructor to set goals. Helping to keep your child motivated is the best way to ensure steady and meaningful advancement. Resist comparing your child's progress to any other's, even a sibling's. Kumon is an individualized programme. Support the goals your child sets rather than imposing your own. Your child needs your patience, encouragement, and participation to stay motivated and apply the necessary effort to his Kumon assignments.

My child is caught up at school, so why stay with Kumon?

Kumon provides a complete curriculum, covering material from preschool all the way up to the post-secondary level. Some parents are surprised to learn how many students pursue advanced study with us or just continue to supplement their school work long after catching up to grade level. Indeed, Kumon is a truly progressive programme intended to benefit children throughout high school and help them excel in their academic careers.

Why is my child starting at such a low level?

A solid starting point enables children to succeed from the outset by building on a rock-solid foundation without any learning gaps to hinder them down the road. That is how they gain confidence and momentum, and are able to advance on their own steadily and confidently through the curriculum. Intrinsic to the Kumon Method is the child's discovery of his ability to succeed, and succeed often. Kumon students gain confidence and independence by working on material they are prepared to tackle. That is the key to sure and steady progress. We ask parents to be especially patient in the early months of the programme as we lay the groundwork for your child to achieve the best results with Kumon.

Why must my child be timed and complete assignments so quickly?

Speed is just as important a gauge as accuracy of how well a child has grasped a concept. A student must know without hesitation that 9 + 7 equals 16, or be able to read a passage fluently without stumbling on individual words or sentences. Kumon focuses on the importance of getting the right answers the right way. It is not about pressure or to rush students. On the contrary, completing worksheets more quickly happens naturally as children grow more comfortable with the material and don't have to struggle for the right answers. They soon feel more at ease with timed assignments and less anxious in test-taking situations.

Why must my child do so much repetition?

As with learning to play the piano or hit a baseball, gaining proficiency with learning skills requires frequent practice. A piano student doesn't begin to play compositions until simple scales have been mastered. In much the same way, he should not tackle words until letters and letter combinations are mastered, or take on multiplication of two-digit numbers until achieving a total command of the operation with single digits. Rest assured that the Kumon Method has been systematically developed and carefully worked out to produce results. The decision made by your child's instructor to repeat material before advancing is based on a careful evaluation of your child's individual performance. Such repetition is one key aspect of the Kumon programme that facilitates your child's progress toward becoming a better learner. Practice makes proficient.

Why can't Kumon be more flexible with the order of material covered?

Every part of the Kumon curriculum, from individual worksheets to entire curriculum levels, is designed to build incrementally on the foundation of learning established up to that point. Multiplication by 2 is followed by multiplication by 3; sentence building is followed by paragraph building; and so on. Just as you might use training wheels on your child's bike, remove one and then the other, Kumon nurtures mastery and independence by simple and logical progression.

Why is it so important for my child to learn independently?

An independent learner is a better learner. A child can only go so far with someone constantly looking over his shoulder. Kumon's systematic approach allows children to work through material themselves and continually strengthen skills needed throughout school. The difference between tutoring programmes and Kumon can be thought of as the difference between towing a car and turbo-powering its engine. Kumon gives children what it takes to succeed on their own.

What if my child isn't motivated to do Kumon?

Most child respond favorably to initial exposure to Kumon, and few have problems once they are completely accustomed to the routine. However, it is not uncommon at some point or another for Kumon students to be less than fully cooperative participants in the programme. Parental perseverance and enthusiasm for your child's progress are the most effective ways of handling this challenge. Lead by example, communicate and celebrate your child's achievements, and reach out to other Kumon parents. As a Kumon parent and your child's most important teacher, you can do much to promote behaviors and skills your child must develop to become a better learner.

Why shouldn't we take a vacation from Kumon?

Kumon is a year-round programme of daily study because it is designed to promote steady, incremental progress in the acquisition of key learning skills. Consistency and regular "conditioning" are most conducive to your child's comfortable and continual advancement with Kumon. Uninterrupted study also fosters commitment, dedication, and perseverance. Interruptions in your child's Kumon studies can make it harder to maintain the routine in general, and put unnecessary bumps in what should be his smooth and continual advancement. Daily practice and disciplined study habits are the key ingredients to a successful Kumon experience.

When are class sessions and how long do they last?

Students typically attend sessions at the Kumon centre once or twice per week. Each class session is approximately 20 to 30 minutes per subject.

What happens if we miss a class?

Students are assigned a regular time slot to facilitate instructor-student interaction. In fairness to students who arrive on time, those students who arrive more than 15 minutes before, or more than 15 minutes after their scheduled class time may be asked to just pick up and drop off their work.

If, due to illness or unavoidable circumstances, you need to miss a class session we ask that you call in advance and also stop by the centre during regular class hours to drop off completed homework and pick up new assignments.

If class is missed due to weather related issues please come to the next available class session to exchange work.

There are no make-up classes for missed sessions due to space restrictions.

Holidays and Vacations

Kumon is a year-round programme of daily study. Continued advancement is a result of consistent study which also fosters commitment, dedication and perseverance. We will prepare a vacation package of assignments for your child so as to maintain his progress while you are away from the centre. Please give a minimum of two weeks' notice if at all possible.

Daily practice and disciplined study habits are the key ingredients of a successful Kumon experience.

Parent Interviews and Conferences

Periodically it is important to discuss your child's progress in Kumon with the instructor.

If you wish to discuss his progress or any concerns you may have, please contact Shirley Tam at 604-855-7896.


Class newsletters are emailed to students approximately once per month, usually during the first week of the month. If you are not currently enrolled with Kumon Math and Reading Centre of Abbotsford-Clearbrook and would like a newsletter email us at shirleytam@ikumon.com.

How to get started

Placement tests are administered by appointment.

Temporary or Permanent Withdrawal

It is Kumon North America's policy that if a student is absent for more than one month and wishes to return he is required to re-register and be re-tested. The student will be considered as a "new" Kumon student and will lose all previous history with Kumon as well as any kumon+ points accrued since the original enrollment. A minimum of one full month's notice is required for a leave of absence or withdrawal from the programme.