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Aayan Arham
Eesser Pawar
Pahulprit Singh

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What is Kumon?

At Kumon we focus on math and reading but our educational mission extends far beyond these two subjects. Kumon is not a quick fix and we do not tutor children. Kumon is a systematic approach to giving your child the tools to succeed in every aspect of school.

What makes Kumon different from tutoring programmes?

We are committed to helping your child, over time, become a better learner.

Kumon does this by fostering independent learning and empowering students to retain what they learn.

After helping students master the basics in math and reading we aim, over time, to have your child study beyond her school grade level. A solid command of the basics in math and reading will give your child amazing confidence. Just watch! This advanced study comes by regular, daily practice of her academic skills. The same is true of any area of study in the arts or in sports.

Students who attend Kumon will become better, more confident students. They will develop study skills, work habits, self-discipline and focus. These skills, among others, will serve them well in high school, university, and for a lifetime beyond.